Exxxtacy Chicago 2010 Coverage In 3D

Our coverage of the July 2010 Exxxtacy Pornstar Fan Convention In Chicago featuring dozens of pornstars, all in 3D! See Faye Reagan, Sunny Lane, Asa Akira, and even legend Ron Jeremy.

Victoria Sweet In White 3D Pictures

Tall, slender, teen model Victoria Sweet poses for a set of sexy 3D photos wearing a figure-hugging white top, frilly skirt, and matching pink lingerie set.

How To View Stereo 3D Pictures and Videos Cross-Eyed

What is cross-eyed stereo 3D viewing, how to do it, and how it could be one of the best ways to improve the health of your eyes

How To View Stereo 3D Pictures and Videos In Parallel

What is a parallel stereo 3D image and how parallel viewing is the easiest way you can enjoy 3D without the need for any kind of special equipment.

Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1 Review

the world’s first consumer-targeted 3D stereoscopic camera is a beauty of engineering and usability with strengths that ultimately outweigh its significant flaws.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit In 3D 2007

yamila diaz in 3D

While Sports Illustrated made a minor splash to gamers last month when it was announced exclusive 3D video of the 2011 sports illustrated swimsuit issue would be available on the Playstation Network, it is not the first time SI has successfully experimented with half naked supermodels in 3D.

In the 2007 issue, models Yamila Diaz-Rahi and Veronika Varekova were seen popping out of magazines with fantastic depth. Missed the issue? Don’t fret because SI kindly included them on their website, and we posted them in the gallery below.
sports illustrated swimsuit 2000 3D CD Rom
Whip out those 3D anaglyph glasses because they are some of the best 3D photos I’ve seen in a while, with a lot of depth and attention to detail. The photographer, David E. Klutho, clearly knew how to shoot 3D.

But what will really blow your mind is the little known Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2000 Issue in 3D available on Interactive CD-Rom for your PC. It comes with a pair of anaglyph glasses, but more amazingly, the content was produced to be compatible with active-shutter technology – a technology with such limited adoption back then, I can not fathom more than 10 people owning a copy. Perhaps Sports Illustrated should re-issue it on the Playstation Network. That would be cool.

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Remix Magazine 3D Issue 2010

remix magazine 3d

Remix Magazine is one of Middle Earth’s – I mean – New Zealand’s pre-eminent fashion magazines with a reputation for being a little more cutting edge than traditional. It suits them to be one of the first to shoot a spread in 3D in June 2010, beating the much more hyped Vogue Italia September 2010 Issue of Miranda Kerr. Sadly, the images here are the largest available, but they show good depth and signs of real 3D photography and not another conversion job.

remix magazine 3d

remix magazine 3d

photos by Garth Badger

Remix Magazine: http://www.remix.co.nz/

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Lee-Ann Liebenberg In 3D – FHM South Africa December 2009

Lee-Ann Liebenberg in 3D
Lee Ann Liebenberg in 3DFHM South Africa’s 3D spectacular was featured recently, but the real star of their end-of-the-year December issue was model and stunt-double, Lee-Ann Liebenberg, heavily promoted as being featured in 3D. There’s just one problem, it looks like it was a conversion job and not true 3D.

There are tell-tale signs of a 3D conversion: the limited depth, and elements and objects not being far enough in the background or in the foreground as they should. It’s a shame because Lee-Ann’s enhanced breasts would look fantastic sticking out into your face like Larissa Riquelme’s, but like everyone else, 3D is new and we’re all still learning how to shoot it properly. Oh wait, it’s been around for over 140 years. Enjoy the gallery presented in anaglyph 3D, and be sure to check out FHM South Africa.

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FHM South Africa 2009 3D Picture Spectacular!

Candice Boucher in 3D

If you’re a 3D fan, you would be forgiven if you missed this, mainly because the magazine is all the way in South Africa. FHM South Africa did a 10th anniversary 3D special a full 1 year ago. That’s before the release of Avatar and before the explosion in 3D magazine pictures. To celebrate, they picked some of their best and hottest girls from the last decade and published their pictures in anaglyph 3D.

Most of the names like Candice Boucher and Lauren Mellor would not be familiar to you, but recent Howard Stern girl turned reality-tv megastar Joanna Krupa is an instantly recognizeable name and face. Well-known girls aside, it doesn’t diminish their overall hotness and it all looks great in 3D.

Speaking of 3D – most, if not all of the pictures, are obvious conversions with some looking fantastic while others are terrible, notably any pictures with blue or red in the background (because the anaglyph glasses are blue/red). Still a worthy effort. Pity none of the girls are naked. Check out the gallery below or go to FHM SA’s site for the online article.

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Paris Hilton Nude In 3D and More – CKM Poland November 2010

CKM Poland November 2010 in 3DOnce again, a Polish publication team shows the world how to put out a great 3D edition of a magazine. Like fellow men’s magazine Playboy Poland – who did a fantastic July 2010 3D issue – CKM Poland (FHM translated) goes above and beyond with their November 2010 edition. Almost every other page features a 3D anaglyph image – from the expected 3D female pictorials, to 3D ads and 3D, artistic, art constructs.

Not only do you get Polish girls – in this case, Emilka Laser and Aneta Stokowska – in 3D, CKM throws in UK, and Euro Pinup models, US super-pornstar Sasha Grey, and even a 3D paparazzi shot of heiress and reality star, Paris Hilton. That’s a lot of 3D pictures.

Paris Hilton in 3D from CKM Poland November 2010 in 3D

Sasha Grey in 3D

CKM Poland November 2010 in 3D

The 3D anaglyph doesn’t work with every picture – some far better than others – with more than a few looking like conversions instead of real 3D photos, but the team behind the issue deserve a lot of credit for trying to do as much as possible in 3D. Check out the gallery below.
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Trio Of Hotties 3D Pictures – Zoo Magazine June 2008

Zoo Weekly 3D
Zoo Weekly 3DZoo Magazine, a weekly men’s magazine in the UK, featured three hot girls in anaglyph 3D in one of their june 2008 issues. Names for the two raven-haired sexpots and their blonde comrade, could not be found which is a shame because we’d love to see more of their “work” If anyone recognizes any of the girls, please inform us all in the comments.

The alignment looks off in a few of the pictures, and the choice of a white background is terrible as the depth effect is far less pronounced, but the photos were clearly taken with stereoscopic equipment and not a conversion job.

source: Zoo Weekly

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Luba Semenova 3D Pictures – Maxim Russia September 2010

Maxim Russia September 2010 3D coverAlthough Miss Russia 2006, Tatiana Kotova, is prominently featured on the cover, her photospread is presented in regular 2D. Super hot Luba Semenova gets the 3D anaglyph treatment in September 2010’s issue of Maxim Russia, and while she isn’t a former Miss Russia, you won’t hear any complaints about her looks. Not being Russian, I couldn’t find any more information about Ms. Semenova. She could be just a regular hot, local Russian chick or amateur model. If anyone can read the Russian parts of the photospread, feel free to contribute in the comments.

While there are only a handful of photos presented in 3D (including what looks to be an ad for a brand of vodka, promoted by a trio of attractive Russian ladies), the 3D shows depth consistent with how you’d expect it to look in 3D (foregrounds are IN FRONT, backgrounds IN BACK) – evidence the pictures were indeed taken with stereographic equipment, and not a hokey conversion job.

maxim russia september 2010 with Luba Semenova in 3D

Also found a link you can download a pdf copy of the issue. Download via: hotfile

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Anna Kournikova 3D Pictures – Maxim USA October 2010

Anna Kournikova Maxim USA october 2010 coverAnna Kournikova, the famous tennis star who opened the possibilities of female tennis athletes as sex symbols, returns to the land of the lad mags with a big splash in October 2010’s issue of Maxim USA. For those who purchased a newstand copy, a pair of 3D glasses is included which you can use to view her anaglyph 3D photospread (and sponsor Honda’s advertisement). Strangely, digital copies of the magazine and Maxim’s own website, tout the 3D spread, but do not include any (or one) of the anaglyph 3D photos. Digital readers only get regular 2D and miss out on 3D Anna Kournikova. Below are scans of the newstand copy for anyone who missed out. You can also check out the non-3D and web-only photos on Maxim’s Anna Kournikova page.

Anna Kournikova Maxim USA october 2010

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