Starcraft 2 Zerg Queen
According to, Blizzard has confirmed 3D Vision support for real-time-strategy game, Starcraft 2. After 3D Vision support was brought to the uber-popular World of Warcraft – and executed very well – many gamers wondered if Blizzard would be bringing 3D support to their future releases. With mere days before Starcraft 2’s launch, there was still no word of 3D abilities from either the Blizzard camp or Nvidia. Now gamers can rest easy. The downside is 3D support doesn’t appear to be likely out-of-the-box and will be made available via a patch a few months after launch. So would you wait to play or you that turned on by the Zerg queen that she’s good enough in regular, old, 2D? :)

You can find more cool starcraft 2 wallpapers and downloads from the official Starcraft 2 website.

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