CKM Poland November 2010 in 3DOnce again, a Polish publication team shows the world how to put out a great 3D edition of a magazine. Like fellow men’s magazine Playboy Poland – who did a fantastic July 2010 3D issue – CKM Poland (FHM translated) goes above and beyond with their November 2010 edition. Almost every other page features a 3D anaglyph image – from the expected 3D female pictorials, to 3D ads and 3D, artistic, art constructs.

Not only do you get Polish girls – in this case, Emilka Laser and Aneta Stokowska – in 3D, CKM throws in UK, and Euro Pinup models, US super-pornstar Sasha Grey, and even a 3D paparazzi shot of heiress and reality star, Paris Hilton. That’s a lot of 3D pictures.

Paris Hilton in 3D from CKM Poland November 2010 in 3D

Sasha Grey in 3D

CKM Poland November 2010 in 3D

The 3D anaglyph doesn’t work with every picture – some far better than others – with more than a few looking like conversions instead of real 3D photos, but the team behind the issue deserve a lot of credit for trying to do as much as possible in 3D. Check out the gallery below.

Also found a link you can download a pdf copy of the 3D issue. Download via: hotfile // fileserve

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