yamila diaz in 3D

While Sports Illustrated made a minor splash to gamers last month when it was announced exclusive 3D video of the 2011 sports illustrated swimsuit issue would be available on the Playstation Network, it is not the first time SI has successfully experimented with half naked supermodels in 3D.

In the 2007 issue, models Yamila Diaz-Rahi and Veronika Varekova were seen popping out of magazines with fantastic depth. Missed the issue? Don’t fret because SI kindly included them on their website, and we posted them in the gallery below.
sports illustrated swimsuit 2000 3D CD Rom
Whip out those 3D anaglyph glasses because they are some of the best 3D photos I’ve seen in a while, with a lot of depth and attention to detail. The photographer, David E. Klutho, clearly knew how to shoot 3D.

But what will really blow your mind is the little known Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2000 Issue in 3D available on Interactive CD-Rom for your PC. It comes with a pair of anaglyph glasses, but more amazingly, the content was produced to be compatible with active-shutter technology – a technology with such limited adoption back then, I can not fathom more than 10 people owning a copy. Perhaps Sports Illustrated should re-issue it on the Playstation Network. That would be cool.

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